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Foundation of «Thesys-Intechna» as a joint venture of a Russian company «Intechna» and a German company  «Thesys Gesellschaft für Mikroelektronik mbH» (from 1968 till 1995 – one of the leading companies in the microelectronic market of the Eastern military block, also known as «VEB Karl Marx»).

JV «Thesys-Intechna» is a designated representative of «Thesys Gesellschaft für Mikroelektronik mbH» in Russia.


The start of works dedicated to designing of CMOS and BiCMOS library cells.


«Thesys Gesellschaft für Mikroelektronik mbH» merges with «ELEXN.V.».

Brief account of the history of «ELEXN.V.»:

Established in 1990 by Roland Duchatelet, headquarters – inTessenderlo, Belgium.

Included companies:

  • «Melexis N.V.» – advanced integrated semiconductor devices for use in automotive electronics and  industrial systems;
  • «XFAB Semiconductor Foundries GmbH» - group of semiconductor foundries in Europe, Asia and USA, with headquarters in Erfurt;
  • «Sensor N.I.T.E.» - development and manufacture of sensors and controls for different applications.  

In the result of reorganization the operating division of «VEB Karl Marx» was taken over by «XFAB Semiconductor Foundries GmbH» while a newly established company «Thesys Mikroelektronik Produkte GmbH» became a part of «Melexis N.V.».


A Voronezh design-center «Microdesign» - a designated representative of «XFAB» in Russia - was formed of a group of specialists of «Thesys-Intechna» at the initiative of «XFAB Semiconductor Foundries GmbH».


The start of works dedicated to designing of ASICs for electrooptical components of fire-extinguishing alarm systems.


The start of developing of internal ASIC projects for security systems applications and for internal ASSP projects.


Reorganization of «Thesys-Intechna» into a Closed Joint Stock Company.


The start of ADC, DAC and analog components design. 

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